“Rapid response times, combined with the personal touch, have enabled us to successfully roll - out the platform to pupils of all ages, across all Primary schools within our Local Authority via the HWB.”

Greg Morgan, School Improvement Officer, Carmarthenshire LA.

Remote Learning.

How Just2easy enables you to keep teaching & children learning even when they aren't in the classroom.

Provide students with
resources easily.

Get home-learning ready in under 10 minutes with this getting started video. Watch and learn how to share resources and activities, with feedback and support for every pupil.

Resources or activities for pupils don't just have to be worksheets - why not upload a video, or an audio recording - just about anything you can think of can be uploaded in to your My Files and shared with your pupils. Here's a video of how you can use video with your students.

Update parents instantly.

As a teacher, create a j2e5 document with information for parents. This could be an update on a new topic being started, some spelling lists, homework activity, or something specific such as a method for long multiplication. Anything you wish to share with parents to support their children can go on this j2e5 document.

Now share it with parents - this is the easy part - just press the "publish" button at the top of the page. Give the document a title and then select your class' blog. Press Publish and your doc will be visible just like a web page to your parents. You will need to let your parents know the website address, find it by going to the tile called j2webby and you will see your school's classes under the 'Blogs' tab. These web addresses never change, so your parents can keep this web address and see any updates there, just like a pro blogger! Here is an example:

Your first post may want to be a message to parents to support their students and to regularly visit the class blog.

Keep track of pupil work, continue the learning conversation and reflection.

With your teacher login to just2easy - you can view all the work your students are doing, at any time. Simply click on the tile "Pupil Files", then select your class and you can view every pupil, and all their work. Pupils's work saves here for you to see- so this is a very simple way of seeing everything that every student has created. Quite simply - if it's not there, they haven't done it. Hunting around for pupil work is now a thing of the past!

You can also provide personal feedback to individual pupils. Find a pupil's work in "Pupil Files", then hover over it and you will see a speech bubble. You can provide feedback by text, voice or even photos, securely just to that pupil. They will see a notification button pop up on their dashboard as soon as you've clicked Enter. They can also reply to you directly.

Keep a class or group working together.

With j2e5, j2data and any j2office document , your pupils can work together collaboratively, all at the same time and even have a discussion in the document while they are editing it.

You can create a document, save it in myfiles and then share it with them as a "collaborative document". Your pupils will see a notification on their dashboard, and be able to work on it, at any time. If you don't want the j2e5 chat feature on, you'll just need to switch it off in the tile "j2dashboard"


Let pupils get creative.

With tools like JIT5 for every pupil, they have amazing tools for writing, painting, animating and programming too. Set a task or a theme for creativity via the class blog to parents, so they can support their younger children with access.

Get the weekly spelling lists practiced in style!

Spell blast is populated with spelling lists for your pupils to play and practice.

Every time they play, you will be able to keep track on your pupil's progress, just click on the results icon and chose your class to see their stats, either by class or pupil.


Don't forget your times
tables too!

Just like spell blast, check your pupil's progress by clicking the results button