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Help to get started with j2data in your class.

j2data includes detailed lesson plans, examples and videos, to help you get started with using the tools in your class. The lesson plans can easily be modified around whatever topic your class is currently working on.

Starting with the youngest learners using pictogram, then progressing through chart, branch and database, there is a tool appropriate for every age from 4 years up.

j2data includes:



Database is an exciting online database program designed for education with the power of a commercial database. It enables pupils to easily create online databases that have real purpose. It is multi-user and information may be shared in an e-safe environment. It encourages students to understand the relationships between the information being gathered and presents it in a variety of ways including tables and charts. Database can handle rich media such as video, sound or graphics.


Pictogram is a fun introduction to data handling. Learn to tally the number of pets, fruits etc. Work with the examples provided or use your own.


Branch brings sorting and sequencing to life by making it very simple for pupils to create their own branching database. Select a group of images or words and use yes/no questions to sort them and create a branching database. Once created, the database may be “played”. You will then be asked a series of yes/no questions. At the end of the sequence the image that matches all of the answers is displayed.


Chart gives the simplest introduction to line, block, pie and bar graphs. Easily mix one or more charts together.

Product Features.

  1. Part of the Tool Suite (2019 BETT Award WINNER)

  2. Allows you to set up a database and maintain, organise or classify the information

  3. Teacher resources fully mapped to the new curriculum

  4. Step by step suggestions on how to teach each year group

  5. Can be applied to other subjects

  6. Lesson plans included

  7. Share and publish data

  8. Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review

  9. Meets all of the data handling elements of the National Curriculum computing programmes of study for KS1 and KS2, 2014

  10. Runs on any modern device

Product videos.


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