Designed for learning.

Learning is more than just
a tick box.

J2review makes formative assessment easy, using any progression framework and enables teachers to give informative feedback quickly and effectively.

It enables real-time progress and collating of evidence based upon your school’s progression framework for individuals, groups or classes. This allows you to see an instant overview of how much evidence you have collected for each student and which parts of the framework they have covered.

An organised approach to evidence gathering.

Quickly move from a scenario where teachers are documenting evidence in different ways. J2review enables a much more strategic approach where you can capture, store and present evidence in a central organised and consistent way.

Creating powerful
learning conversations.

At the heart of j2review is our unique, learning conversation that gives pupils instant feedback and self reflection. This ideal platform encourages pupils to self reflect and enables teachers to give instant feedback either by text or voice on a piece of work or a whole folder. J2review engages pupils in their learning journeys and empowers pupils via the immediacy of the feedback and conversation between the teacher and pupil.

Enabling schools to monitor Pupil Premium evidence.

The real-time progression frameworks will help identify gaps and specific areas of underachievement. This will help you set individual targets and plans for intervention groups which can be used to monitor progress and close attainment gaps early on.

Working with your school’s progression frameworks.

Being able to use any framework with j2review enables schools to use the platform across multiple learning phases - not just in the early years stage, but also with older years and for special education needs pupils who have their own standards and levels.

Product Features.

  1. Part of the Tool Suite (2019 BETT Award WINNER)

  2. Enables learning conversations and assessment across your school

  3. Can work with any assessment framework

  4. Integrated into our award winning Toolsuite

  5. Runs on any modern device


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