An easy to use voting tool.

An educational voting tool.

J2vote enables children to vote on any question set by their teacher or peers, using tablets, phones, and laptops. There is no need for expensive single purpose hand held sets.

Visual charting of votes.

The children’s opinions are automatically charted giving a visual representation of the decisions the group have made, with the chart updating dynamically as votes are cast. j2vote can give a teacher a clear indication of the class’s understanding and identify any areas or subjects in which children need extra help.

For children of all ages.

The colourful interface of j2Vote is designed to appeal to children across different age ranges, which helps them engage with the chosen subject or topic.

Product Features.

  1. Part of the Tool Suite (2019 BETT Award WINNER)

  2. Works on any modern device

  3. Visual representation of pupils’ votes

  4. Clear indication of the class’s understanding

  5. Colourful interface

  6. Appeals to children of different ages

  7. Single click, safe blogging to j2webby

  8. Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review


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